Apr 21 2009

I decided to do another one for fun in the vein of my Time Studio projects. Song is “DOGS AND ALCOHOL” by PORNBOY.

Mar 01 2009

Opinion Polls: Getting the results you want (via tedhovis123)

Dec 23 2008

a looming thought…



Do artists have a place in this recession?

Of course, poor and starving with everyone else! Only difference is we’re used to it, and more creative about dealing with it.

Actualy, entertainment industries such as films and video games have shown to be less effected by recessions. Artists employed in mass-market industries will probably actually get to remain employed. Others still might even get hired.

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Dec 08 2008

Capitalism, Communism and You

an educational short film that is also my final.

Two of the jokes were paid paid for on the Amazon.com Mechanical Turk. I paid strangers four cents each to tell me which, between capitalism and communism, they liked better with the worst reason why. I got a lot more responses than were useable for the video but that was the most fun I’ve ever had with six dollars on the Internet.

Additonally, I’ve posted it on YouTube and they’ve made it viewable faster than Vimeo has. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keZEeNoNYpY

Dec 03 2008

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (via nailofgilead)

This is the original that my lip-dub was a remake of. It is both stupider and more awesome.


This is my lip-dub. It is also a remake of the video “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora.


Here are my one-minute sculptures. There are five of them and I don’t like any.

Dec 02 2008
Nov 28 2008

Monumental VIdeo projection 2009 (via uruk)


Everything is funny with cartoon sound effects and the Benny Hill theme. (via genDAV)

Nov 27 2008

Franz Ferdinand vs Kelis - Take Me out For a Milkshake (via thriftshopxl)

This is a rather clever pairing of song and video. Both phonically and visually, it works much better than it ought to.

Hurray for mashups that surprise you, right?


Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army (via psavdonim1)

This is just a relatively awesome Mashup I found on YouTube.

Nov 25 2008

sounds in the mind: voices in my head


Whenever I read an article from anywhere, or read anything, I hear a certain voice in my mind, but.. I don’t think its my voice. At least they don’t sound the same. (But is that partially where the commonly used phrase “That’s not what it sounded like in my head” comes from? And is that also the same thing as people always being surprised as to how their voices sound?) I don’t really know. Is everyone like that? I feel like there’s a chance I may be different: I feel like one reason I am such a slow reader is that I cannot just look at text and understand it, I have to say it in my head, that voice says it, in order for me to comprehend it. I feel like this is a form of translation. At least, at times I look at it this way. I also feel sort of isolated by this. Am I amongst a minority who do this, or does everyone do it?

When I take my time to read, I hear a voice that’s either how I remember that talking, an amalgalm my head generates based on that character (Holden Caulfield’s got a specific voice) or, in the event that there’s no discernible character to the piece, I hear my own but deeper and cleaner.

When I read fast, the words jnust seem to float for a momennt in my head as I move onto the next one.

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Nov 24 2008
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